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BlueJeans Telehealth

Drive better patient outcomes with high-quality virtual care on an intuitive telehealth


Deliver Next-Generation Virtual Care

BlueJeans Telehealth is a simple, smart way for providers to meet with patients over video. By mapping the user experience to clinical team workflows, the BlueJeans Telehealth platform helps replicate the experience of onsite patient interactions while also providing the flexibility of virtual health care.


Eliminate Join Frustrations

Reduce joining friction for patients, providers, and admins with quick-join options and device flexibility.


Improve Televisit Efficiency

Take advantage of intelligent audio, video, and collaboration features to simulate an in-person visit and enable clear communication.

Enhance Clinical Workflows

Easily integrate telehealth with existing care delivery models to extend reach without added complexity.

BlueJeans Virtual Care Quick Join

Telehealth Redefined

Simplified Experience

Make virtual visits easy and intuitive for patients and providers. Patients can simply click on the link and access the appointment from their browsers, with no app download or setup required.

Branded Telehealth Platform

Personalized Care

Mirror an in-person visit by customizing the patient landing experience with symptom capture fields and guided messaging. Leverage your branding and content library to showcase your practice area.

Apple Virtual Health App Integration with BlueJeans

Data Driven

Integration with the Apple Health app allows patients to share certain categories of their Health app data — including heart rate, step count, and sleep data — so patients and providers can have more tangible conversations.

HIPAA-Ready Telehealth Program


Be confident that you are protecting vital patient and employee information with robust security features. BlueJeans Telehealth is HIPAA-ready and meets applicable requirements under the HIPAA Security Rule.

Low-Code Developer Tools

Embed BlueJeans Telehealth within your virtual care solution

The new BlueJeans Telehealth SDK makes it easy to integrate our patient-centric experience directly into your existing tools and workflow.

Next-Generation Virtual Care

BlueJeans Telehealth Platform Features

BlueJeans Platform for Virtual Health Care

Quick Join

Easy access to fully-featured, browser-based telehealth experience with no downloads required

Patient Landing Experience

Pre-visit survey, guided messaging and waiting room, with option to customize content and branding

Interpreter Services

In-meeting integration with medical interpreter services covering 200+ languages, including American Sign Language

EHR Integration

Direct telehealth access and reporting from 80+ EHR systems, including Epic, with dedicated deployment support

Security Controls

HIPAA-ready platform with security features like encryption, locked meetings, passwords, and moderator controls

Flexible Licensing

Options for licensing include per visit pricing, designed to simplify reimbursement management and named host plans

Customer Story

“BlueJeans is simple and intuitive. Patients can join really quickly, even those who are a little more technically challenged.”
Tim Bickel Telehealth Director University of Louisville

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